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Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

by Williams Hussey
Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Having moderate weight not only makes an individual fit but also makes him feel good. An individual who is health conscious always wants to look smart and attractive. Being overweight or obese not only develops health diseases but also looks unattractive. Some people become complex about their weight or perhaps feel guilty about their posture. Excessive weight is not an enormous problem; exercising and maintaining a balanced diet can lead to losing weight and make you healthier and fit in the long run. Performing HIIT workouts for weight loss can help you to a great extent.

  • Best HIIT workout for Weight Loss:

    Following are the exercises in HIIT to perform before an interval or a small break.

  1. Burpees:
    Burpees is a two-part exercise that includes a push-up and a high jump. The burpees participate in all the body’s muscles and help build calves, chest, triceps, shoulder, biceps, glutes, and lats.

    How to perform burpees:
    Burpees are effortless to perform as they require no machines or equipment and are easy to perform at home. Get into a partial squat position and bend down when performing burpees. You must keep your spine straight and touch the ground with your chest.

    Push-ups combine the legs with a frog jump and the jump up by raising your hands in the air.

  2. High Knees:
    High knees are another simple exercise that requires no equipment for training. High knees assist strengthens all the muscles in your legs and raising your heartbeat, which significantly upgrades coordination and flexibility in the body.

    How to perform high knees:
    Open your feet to hip-width while performing high knees, raise your left knee towards your chest, and complete the same with the other leg at a running speed. Also, attempt with your arms extended and let the knees touch the palms while performing the exercise.

  1. Jumping Jacks:
    Jumping jacks are also called side-straddle hops. We can consider it a full-body exercise that we can perform everywhere without equipment.

    How to perform jumping jacks:

    First, stand straight with your feet at least hip-width apart. Relax your shoulder, and you should look straight ahead. Start jumping and move your feet sideways. At this instant, change your hands up and down over your head. Repeat by following the same.

  2. Push-ups:
    Push-ups are the most ordinary exercise. Moreover, it can be challenging for beginners. But by training regularly you can get used to it. They are best for the HIIT upper body workout; they help build the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

    How to perform push-ups:

    We can perform them without effort or equipment in the home. Get into a cat position while touching the palms and toe-tips touching the ground. Get yourself down on your chest and touch the ground, ensuring your spine doesn’t bend and your legs are straight. After gaining experience, you can challenge yourself by putting your toes close to each other.

  3. Mountain Climbers:
    Mountain climbers are a great HIIT full body workout. Climbing a mountain is not easy, but what if the mountains become flat? This exercise is extensively known for significant benefits like building cardio endurance and agility. It can feel like climbing a hill while on the ground.

    How to perform Mountain Climbers:

    We can perform them by getting into cat position (i.e. similar to pus-ups position), back should be flat and most importantly shoulders should be right over the wrist from here all you have to do is pulling your knee into the chest.

    Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

When it comes to short but practical exercises routine, a HIIT full-body workout is tough to beat. The best reason HIIT workouts are popular is that they are less time-consuming activities. What makes a HIIT workout efficient? First, it should include exercises you can perform well. A good HIIT workout involves movements that work your muscles and joints through multiple planes of motion, not just forward and backward, as this assists upgrade your capability to move safely and skillfully.

  • Full body workout:

No requirement for any equipment except your body weight, and you can also use an exercise mat for comfort.


  1. Jumping jack
  2. Squat
  3. Skater hops
  4. Sit-up to overhead reach
  5. Plank up-down


  1. Perform each move for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before initiating the next exercise.
  2. After completing the circuit, catch your breath; the rest will depend on your fitness levels. However, take 30 to 60 seconds of rest between the courses.
  3. Complete around four rounds.
  1.  Jumping Jack:

    i) Stand with your feet together while engaging your core and arms at your sides.
    ii) Jump your feet wider than hip-width apart and brings your arms to clap your hands overhead.
    iii) Return to the starting point by jumping the feet together and bringing your arms to your sides.
    iv) Repeat the same as quickly as you can for 40 seconds.

  1. Squat:

    i) Get your core engaged and stand tall with your feet hip-width apart.
    ii) Get your hips back and bend both knees to drop into a squat, letting your knees bend to at least 90 degrees so that both thighs are parallel to the floor.
    iii) Come back to the starting point by squeezing your glutes to stand.
    iv) Repeat the same for 40 seconds.

  1. Skater hops:

    i) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    ii) Bend your knees a bit, then jump to the right as far as you can, dominant with your right foot and swinging your left leg just behind your right.
    iii) Land on your right foot and bend your knee a bit, stabilizing on the right foot for a second. Your right arm should swing behind you as your left arm extends down to tap the floor.
    iv) Jump back to the left after pausing, and land on your left foot while knee bending slightly. Your left arm must swing behind as your right arm extends to tap the floor.
    v) Continue to perform reps for 40 seconds.

  1. Sit-up to overhead reach:

    i) Look up with your arms by the sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor.
    ii) Tighten your core so that the lower back smoothly presses against the floor. It is the beginning position.
    iii) Do a sit-up by contracting your core, exhaling as you roll up, and coming with your arms extending overhead to a seated position while keeping the feet stationary.
    iv) Gently reverse the movement back to the starting point.
    v) Continue performing for about 40 seconds.

  1. Plank up-down:

    i) Lower the right arm down so that your forearm touches the floor. Then perform the same with your left. You must be in a forearm plank position.
    ii) Put your right-hand bank on the floor to extend your arm, and follow with your left, so that you can finish back in high plank; this is rep 1.
    iii) To begin the next rap, start by lowering your left arm and following with your right.
    iv) Repeat reps for 40 seconds.

    Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

  • HIIT upper body workout: without weights:
    We will go through 6 exercises that will work on your upper body without the availability of equipment.
  1. High plank T rotations:

    i) It involves the triceps, shoulders, quads, lower back, and core.
    ii) Get yourself into a high plank position. It is a usual plank pose that gets support with your hands instead of your forearms. Your wrists must be directly beneath your shoulders and your arms extended. Keep your body in a straight line l the way down to the toes.
    iii) Engage your core.
    iv) Adjust your weight to your left side and move the body to the right. Your left foot must support your weight in your lower body. Raise your right arm up and out to the side, creating a T shape with your body. Your hips should remain up and don’t sag to the ground.
    v) Reverse back to the starting position so that your weight is centered. However, don’t place your right arm back on the ground. Once you sweep it under your body so it becomes closer to your left waist, rotate around the other way, returning to the T position again.
    vi) By completing the reps on one side, move to the other.

  1. Wide grip push-ups:

    i) It includes the chest, shoulders, and triceps.
    ii) Get into a push-up position. However, this time widens the distance between your hands, target for wider than shoulder-width.
    iii) Have yourself on the ground by bending your elbows; maintain a straight line with the body down.
    iv) Reach low as you can, then get back to the starting position as rapidly as possible.
    v) Repeat this as long as you can.

  1. Bear crawl:

    i) It includes the shoulders, chest, back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and core.
    ii) Get on all fours with your wrists directly beneath the shoulders and knees at a 90-degree angle.
    iii) Raise your knees to support yourself with your hands and toes.
    iv) Stay low to the ground and keep this position so you can simultaneously move your left hand and right foot forward. Please make sure both of them move at the same distance.
    v) Then, proceed with your right hand forward with your left foot.
    vi) Continue this till the end of the walkway, then turn around and repeat.

  1. Plank arm raises:

    i) It includes shoulders, core, and back.
    ii) Keep the body in a straight line with your hands and shoulders –wide apart, and begin a forearm plank.
    iii) Engage your core and lift your left at the front, reaching forward.
    iv) Bring the back arm to the starting position before repeating with the right arm.
    v) Repeat by other sides.

  1. Triceps dip:

    i) It includes the triceps.
    ii) Get onto all fours with your face facing the front, so your back is to the ground. Keep your arms shoulder-width apart, wrists directly underneath your shoulders. The fingers are pointing towards the heels, and your back is inclined. Keep your feet flat on the ground and the knees at an obtuse angle; take 2-3 steps far from the body.
    iii) Press up back and repeat.

  1. Shoulder press:
    The shoulder press is usually performed with the weight. However, if you don’t have dumbbells, then the pike push-up is a good alternative that will be useful.

    i) It involves the arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back.
    ii) Get into your starting positions on your hand and toes. You will not keep your body in a straight line like s traditional push-up. Your hips and bumps will lift in the air so that the upper and lower body forms a 90-degree angle or makes an upside-down V.
    iii) Keep your feet hip-width and on your toes. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart and the head between the arms.
    iv) Look down, and bend both elbows, bringing the head towards the ground. Look through your legs to maintain your head in the correct position. Avoid looking down.
    v) Push back to the starting position and repeat.

    Best HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

  • HIIT workouts on treadmill:
    Here is a fundamental HIIT workout on treadmill that will assist you in getting started.
  1. Do a 5 minutes warm-up at a brisk walk pace.
  2. Run 2 minutes at 5.5 mph, then 1 minute at seven mph, and repeat five times.
  3. Walk a minute at a leisurely pace to recover a bit.
  4. Run 1 minute at four mph, then 30 seconds at 10-12 mph, five times.
  5. Four minutes cool down walk.
  • Conclusion:

HIIT workouts are one of the best ways to train without spending time and cost on equipment. They can be formed easily at home. You can qualify as harder you want, depending on your fitness level. Ensure to take a guide from the experts before starting to avoid any harm or injuries. They are highly effective in losing weight.

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